Wednesday, May 25, 2011

For Mommies With Pampers Babies - Get Pampers Rewards!

This is a cool program and I wanted to pass it along to CityMommies who have babies. If you use Pampers, this is a neat way to buy Pampers and rack up some rewards. Plus, you can join their program for Free (free is good right?) and they will give you 100 free points towards the purchase of Pampers goods. It's always nice to get a little extra and you have to buy diapers anyhow. So if your baby is a Pampers baby, check this out! Just click the ad below and enjoy!


Friday, May 6, 2011

Kids Bowl Free - Summer Fun From Bowland!

This is a great deal that Southwest Florida Moms won't want to miss out on! What an incredible program!

Bowland is sponsoring a Kids Bowl Free program this Summer! This includes their alleys at Allstar, Beacon, Cape Coral, Lehigh, Port Charlotte and Woodside in Naples.

It's simple and FREE to get started. You just go to their website HERE and register each child. You will receive the free bowling passes every week by email that are good for 2 Games of Bowling EACH DAY all Summer! How cool is that?

But, it gets even better because if you want to participate with your child you can too at a very affordable rate! Who says you can't get a good deal during this economy?

Here's how it works:

Your kids under 15 bowl free with the free passes after they are registered.

You can add up to 4 adults with a pass and one-time fee of $24.95! In order to use the passes, you have to bowl with your kids but this will work great for parents, older siblings, babysitters and the like.

Thanks to Bowland here in Southwest Florida for sponsoring such an extraordinary deal! The Kids Bowl Free program is a proud supporter of the Presidential Active Lifestyle Award Challenge.