Sunday, November 28, 2010

Shopping For Safe Children's Toys This Holiday Season

With the massive amounts of toy recalls this past year and the buzz about lead paint and other harmful chemicals in toys, how is a parent to know if the toys you are placing under the tree are good or bad?

It's a scary thought to think that all harmful chemicals actually aren't being regulated yet, but it's true.

As you make your way down the toy aisles to fill those children's wish lists, how can you be sure you are doing right by your children?

First, there are websites like and that can help parents dispell the myths, find fact from fiction and make the best selections in the interest of their children.

There was a great article in the Los Angeles Times that offers some really good tips on what to avoid and steer clear of also.

Check out this article as you do your Holiday shopping to make it the safest and happiest season ever. The link to the article is below.

Before you buy that train set, do your homework

Happy Shopping and wishing you and your's all the best of the season!